The Essentials of Mindfulness and How To Practice Them

It is important to stop believing that your current reality should be different than it is, instead please take every experience – no matter what it may be, as a necessary step on this unfolding and miraculous journey that is your very life.

And while it is true that every moment holds a valuable teaching when you are instructed in how to see clearly, it is also true that most people are so busy that they see nothing beyond their own projections.

Being still, relaxedly aware and doing nothing is infinitely better than being busy doing a million things and accomplishing nothing at all.

It is quite reasonable to fear that when death comes, when you have nothing but time to reflect on the events that you have called your life – God forbid that you discover that you have never truly lived.

It would be so easy to lose this life to unconscious habits, social conventions and unhealthy relationships – wastefully devoted to the illusion of material things and repetitively cycling through destructive emotions.

– Michael Gregory

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What mindfulness is, what it isn’t and how it can free you from destructive emotions and the lifelong illusions that prevent you from realizing your highest potential.

This is no ordinary Mindfulness instruction.

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